Young Chris Isn’t Too Happy With His Greatest Rapper Alive [Under 30] Ranking…

Everyone has an opinion on VIBE’s polarizing Greatest Rapper Alive (Under 30!) list we premiered recently. So far we’ve heard from J. Cole and the Internets finest music bloggers, now our #21 slot holder, Young Chris, has some words to share.

Though the Philly rapper was cool with VIBE’s top five choices, it was the names just above him—Tyler, The Creator, Soulja Boy, Lil B, Vado, Cyhi Da Prince, Cassidy, Big Sean, and Wale— that struck a nerve.

“Yall need to stop it. Im higher up… I feel that list is kinda funky. You got people thats serious and in the studio — When you name that list I dont know what you’re judging it off of. Is it off of lyrics? Just being a star? Just the buzz right now? The biggest record? I dont know what yall judging it off of.”

If Chris could have it, he’d be smiling high at number one, but understands the reason why that couldn’t happen this year. But alas! He has a solution: “I feel like yall didnt getto see everything I have to offer. I still havent delivered a solo project yet so for me being mentioned on the list… I appreciate that. That means a lot to me, but like I said when I bring everything I have to offer, I think people will change their opinion and feel the same way I feel.”

Chris’ forthcoming mixtape L.I.F.E (Ladies In Free Everywhere) drops later this month.

Props to Vibe