Wiz Khalifa Releases Limited Edition Sunglasses

Rapper Wiz Khalifa speaks on his limited edition line of sunglasses in an interview on “The Morning After.”

In an interview with Shade 45′s The Morning After Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa spoke on a number of topics including the new limited edition sunglasses from his “Black And Yellow” music video.

“I dont do too much. I do just enough. And I wear all my own shit anyways,” Wiz Khalifa explained. “Its like everythings Taylor Gang, Levis…the sunglasses definitely came out.

Only 500 pairs of the limited edition sunglasses will be released. The rapper also revealed that he plans on working with Converse as well.

On top of his signature sunglasses Wiz Khalifa will also be releasing his own black and yellow lighters via the Time Bomb Shop in Pittsburgh. Time Bomb Shop will be giving the lighters away to customers who spend more than $100 at their store.

“Rostrum Records just dropped off a shipment of Wiz Khalifa lighters in black and yellow to our good friends over at Time Bomb Shop in Pittsburgh,” read a post on TaylorGangClothing.com. “Roll on threw Time Bomb today and grab yours before they go up in smoke.”

Props to DANIELLE HARLING via HipHopDx