Willow Smith Wants Brad Pitt as Daddy Warbucks; Top 5 Choices for the Role

As Will Smith and Jay-Z prepare for the their remake of the iconic musical Annie, questions concerning casting are beginning to arise but Willow Smith, the star of the movie, recently told “Access Hollywood” that she wants Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt to play her Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks.

The role of Warbucks, the opportunistic billionaire who adopts Annie, was originally played by actor Albert Finney, but the remake will be a revamped telling of the musical with a younger, hipper cast.

Although Brad Pitt could add both sex and mass appeal to the role, we think these five actors would fill Warbucks shoes nicely too.

Idris Elba – The “It” actor has already played the father figure in movies like Tyler Perrys Daddys Little Girls and hes an international DJ with musical talent.

Daniel Sunjata – The soft-spoken actor has the film and Broadway experience to carry the role, and his warm, nurturing demeanor could work well for Warbucks.

Mos Def – This skilled and chameleon-like actor adds hipster flair to any movie hes in and he can also add a bit of hip-hop flare to the role.

Don Cheadle – We know he can at least carry a tune and the Oscar-nominated actor, whos played a father in movies like Reign Over Me, has the acting experience to carry any role.

Terrence Howard – This passionate actor is known for his raw and subdued character portrayals and his mastery of human emotion, couple those factors with his syrupy singing voice, and it could make for a dynamic new Warbucks.

So who do you think would best fit the role of Daddy Warbucks? –RollingOut