Will Smith’s 2-Story Double Decker Motor Home Trailer Disturbs The Peace In NYC

We all knew rapper-turned-actor Will Smith was living “Big Willie” style but this is crazy!

Earlier this week the “Men In Black” star caused a ruckus in New York after his monstrous two story trailer blocked traffic, as well as views in Midtown, while filming “MIB 3,” the third installment of the sci-fi comedy series.

Smith’s luxury trailer features two decks, an electric privacy glass (at the touch of a button, all windows go from clear to opaque and you have complete privacy), a granite bathroom and a recording studio. At 1,150 square feet, the titanic trailer is larger than most two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments in the city.

The specially designed ride, nicknamed “The Heat,” also includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons.

Inside, it features a full-service kitchen with arched windows and matched-grain Italian cherrywood cabinetry.–GG