Will Smith Reportedly Joins “US X Factor”

Big Willie Style set to show up and coming talent what it takes to make it in the business as part of the US X Factor Talent Show.

Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is also the head of US X Factor, a show that will start soon. Cowell is also going to appear as a judge on the talent program and it seems he’s recruited Will Smith as a part of the judging committee. Smith would then join Cowell and UK’s Cheryl Cole.

“Simon thinks Will and Cheryl will be a brilliant formula. Hes one of the biggest names in America, and considered to be a talented musician as well as actor,” a source told The Mirror.

Smith is now more renowned for his acting chops but his musical talent also earned him accolades. The actor was the emcee behind DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with popular hits and solo albums to follow.

According to sources who spoke with The Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom, Cowell’s move to place Smith on the show is an attempt to battle his former program.

“Simon is desperate to make the U.S. X Factor the biggest show in the world and trounce American Idol,” the source added.

That former program boasts a roster with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

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