Why We Love Trinidad James…

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Why We Love Trinidad James…
Ok. Essentially when I first heard of Trinidad James I honestly thought it was the name of some “good good” high grade greenery that hit our favorite and discreet greenhouses. Upon further research, it was discovered the he was a real blood and bone person (not a really bad Dave Chappelle skit gone ham) Fashion tragedy aside, we viewed, we listened and here are some reasons why we love Trinidad James…

His name is just cool. A combination of a famous boxer with a hood last name.

Besides being an actual Trinidadian and transplanted New Yorker, he’s actually had guest appearances on songs with Gucci Mane and Wale

Def Jam was smart enough to sign James, with TJ being smart enough to be the CEO of his own record label Gold Gang Records.

With him being born in the Port of Spain (on the island of Trinidad) he most likely has dual citizenship.. I’ll take that over Kanye wearing a leather skirt any day.

He actually can RHYME. Don’t believe me? Not a believer after hearing “All Gold Everything”? What a shame. Sucks to be you. Kill yourself (in my Kevin Hart voice)

James really is living by the “All Gold Everything” motto. Gold rings on every finger (so retro Big Daddy Kane) and gold teeth. We admire and thank him for his boldness

The South has risen and frankly my dears we should all give a damn!!!!!