White Michael Vick and ESPNs Cheap Ploy to Spark Racial Debate

ESPN turned Michael Vick into a white man. In a photo created by Darcy Hyde of ESPN The Magazine, the picture was published with an article called, “Imaging Michael Vick as a White Quarterback in the NFL.”
Written by Toure, I figured that the article would be an attempt to confront the lingering racial issues that continue to plague all sports. I was wrong.

While the storys title and photo was daring, it didnt connect with the story. Its obvious that the story doesnt completely explore the possible effects of Vick being a white quarterback in the NFL and how the media would cover him. The story also failed to use the premise to present how different Tom Brady or Peyton Mannings careers could have been if they were black quarterbacks. However, Toures story was more about class than race.

Apparently, Toure was unaware of the storys title and photo shopped the picture of Vick.
“I wrote an essay about Vick and race,” Toure said through Twitter. “ESPN the mag titled it and added art without me (normal procedure). My essay on Vick is nowhere near as inflammatory as the pic of him in whiteface which contradicts me saying you cant imagine him as white.”

ESPN later pulled the photoshopped image of Vick as a white. However, they placed the image back on their websites hours later. It was only a cheap ploy by ESPN to spark a racial debate without actually bringing forth real issues. –amir shaw

Source RO