Interviews Asher Roth, Talks about The Rawth EP, Nottz, The Spaghetti Tree, The Roots Etc…

HHU recently caught up with Asher Roth (and Nottz) to talk about how they initially linked up to form The Rawth EP. Roth says the EP wasn’t necessarily a planned project, interestingly enough, but the result of having a number of records rejected by the label due to sampling & copyright issues. With that said, they wanted to get the music out, so they released it for free.

Additionally, Roth explains the meaning behind the name of his upcoming album, The Spaghetti Tree, what it was like to perform with The Roots and The Roots’ Grammy Jam Session and what’s next for him.

Make sure to watch for the wise words from Nottz at the end of the intv! Ha!

Thanks to Ivan, Asher Roth, Nottz and their management!