That Crack Music – Interview with Theodore Grams, Alec Zankman, DJ FM, and Leigh Sheldron

From Uptown Philidelphia, rapper/producer Theodore Grams (@PhratBabyJesus), a.k.a. Baby Jesus, is real. He speaks his mind, as bluntly as anyone, he entertains, and he makes music his way. Grams is far from the cookie cutter artists all over the internet these days. When the That Crack Music team went to Phili, we didn’t know what to expect. Our goal was to learn a bit from Grams. We got a look at an artist who makes his name on the streets, the way Hip-Hop got its start.

Alec Zankman (@AlecZankman), a Phili native himself, was the catalyst to our interview mission. He helped us arrange the video interview at the “Phrat House.” Zankman is carving his own niche in the rap game. His recent EP sample, SmartAlec, gives a peak at the music one can expect from Zankman in the future. He’s an easy going, honest, Deron Williams doppelganger, doing, “what [he] plans on doing for the rest of [his] life.”

DJ FM (@PhratTeam_FM) is part of Grams’ Phrat Team, and responsible for producing a number of Grams’ tracks. He has his hands in the careers of a number of Phili artists.

Leigh Sheldron (@LeighDotMusic) is an 18 year old rapper out of the Phili Burbs. Sheldron is part of 11th hour music, a group consisting of Sheldron, Zankman, and two other local artists. Sheldron is soft spoken, but check out his music and you’ll see that he has something to say.