T.I. – Beyond The Trail [Trailer]

While T.I.’s finishing up his stint in jail, documentarian Brandon “B.I.” Robinson (Philly’s Own) is touching up his documentary Beyond the Trail that follows Tip’s life following his initial arrest for weapons charges in 2007, while also following his own life in the time he’s spent alongside the Atlanta emcee while pursuing a career in photography and videography.

Tip, dubbed Clifford Harris Jr. at birth, was initially arrested for attempting to purchase illegal automatic weapons and silencers in a Walgreens parking lot, leading to his pleading guilty in 2008. After some jail time, house arrest, and 1500 hours of community service, Tip came out clean once more, though he picked up another unwanted reservation in an Arkansas prison on November 1st of last year after he and his wife Tiny “Tameka” Cottle were bagged in L.A. for possession of narcotics (I think it was ecstasy). Parole violation was the one that did him in.

There’s no release date yet set for Beyond the Trail, but T.I. gets released from the pen on September 21st this year, so it seems logical that Brandon will want to get some post-incarceration footage for the doc.