Straight From The A Interviews Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa hit up StraightFromTheA yesterday as one of his many stops to promote his upcoming album “Rolling Papers.”

Not only does the “Black & Yellow” MC have the hottest song on repeat from coast to coast, but he has officially hit the blogs running over the past few months. Khalifas hot single has been dubbed the #1 song in the country, but only after he gained his mandatory hip-hop mugshot after getting busted with a bus load of weed back in November.

All press is good press right? And to add fuel to his already burning flame, Wiz has been linked to hip-hops most notorious arm piece, Amber Rose.

Photos of the couple have been making the blog rounds all week courtesy of a recent feature in Fader Magazine and a bitter tweet from Ambers ex… Kanye West.

A number #1 song, several hot mixtapes, a movie on deck, a hot broad and a highly anticipated major label debut should give anyone the “big head” but Wiz Khalifa is surprisingly level headed and calm in the midst of all his rising fame. —StraightFromTheA