Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans Teams With Queen Latifah To Promote Water

Rap legend Queen Latifah has inked a deal with Sacramento Kings’ point guard Tyreke Evans, who will become the first sports star to endorse the new VBLAST! vitamin water product from her new company, New York Sprint Water.

Evans, who was the NBA’s 2010 Rookie of the Year, will kick off a national campaign to showcase thew new packaging that appear in 7-Eleven stores later this month.

Additionally, Evans, a Chester, Pennsylvania native, will is currently filming television spots and Billboard advertisements to promote VBLAST! and its sister product, Aqua84.

“I enjoy VBLAST! and Aqua84 not only for their great taste and nutrients, but also because of the companys commitment to help developing countries drill wells for fresh drinking water,” Evans said of the deal. “Giving back to those less fortunate is something I enjoy and do every day, so I am excited to be working with a company that does just that.”

In September of 2010, Queen Latifah announced that she was jumping into the lucrative, billion-dollar vitamin water market, via an investment in New York Spring Water.

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