Rick Ross Talks About Signing Wale & Meek Mill

Well the cat is out of the bag and as everyone knows Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa share the next cover of the Source which is out everywhere Today. Wiz, who has a monster hit on his hands with “Black and Yellow,” gets the nod as Rookie of the Year, while a slew of club anthems a Nike commercial and another classic LP earned The Bawse the distinction of Man of the Year. But Ross has no time to soak up accolades. Hes currently on his ‘BMF” tour which is an international trek and as he told yours truly, hes looking to expand his Maybach Music Group by two.

“I look for next year to be an even bigger year,” Ross said a couple of weeks back in New York, fresh from his source cover shoot. “We just brought Jah Cure to the team. Thats one of the biggest reggae superstars in the game. We just did a deal with that. Look for that first quarter. Im talking to artist out of Philly that I think is the future of Philly. Meek Mill, Im talking to him right now about Maybach Music. As well as Im talking to Wale.”

The Miami Mayor says Wale impresses him with not just his music acumen, but with his grind as well.

“Wale is a hustler. I feel hes one record away from being the next nigga,” The Husky Don forecasted. “Hes just a naturally fly nigga. Slick talking nigga. Thats right up my alley. I just think that comradery, riding with Rozay, itll mean that much more. I feel hes one record away. As well as Meek Mill.”

Should the signings go through, Ross says hes definitely going to be helping both MCs with the musical direction on their upcoming LPs. He “most definitely” wants to be hands on.

Props to the Source