Redman – Sawed Off Shotgun [Music Video]

Looks like the Funk Doctor Spot is back to work.

During a recent jam session in California, the New Jersey devil known as Redman grabbed a cameraman and decided to share the funk with the world as a reminder that yes, he’s been busy, and yes, he’s still dope. Backed by a live band, this brief video for “Sawed Off Shotgun” is an impromptu example of Reggie Noble’s work ethic, and surely an excitement-building tactic in advance of his Muddy Waters 2 project.
Seeing as how Doc says he has “tons of music,” this track is not guaranteed to make an appearance on MW2. Matter of fact, we have no idea whatsoever when the album is coming. What we do know is that Doc’s still got it and that the joint is definitely coming sometime between now and the year 3000. Also, we can probably assume it’ll be here before Detox.

And if “Sawed Off Shotgun” or any songs on its level are on the project, Muddy Waters 2 is gonna be quite the experience.