RBN Presents: Math Hoffa vs Daylyt [Full Battle] [BarFest]

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Math Hoffa vs Daylyt, this is the clash of the titans for the main event at BarFest 01. Hosted by none other than battle raps own Poison Pen and Power 106, Shade 45 & MTV’s celebrity DJ’s The Los Angeles Leakers. The battle that had the culture buzzing all month is finally upon us. The New York bully goes head to head against the LA’s own. Both emcees came prepared to leave their opponent walking away without a single round won. The battle was filled with plenty of comedic moments and witty punchlines and is ultimately cut short for a shocking reason. Who will come out on top? Will it be Math’s “Finally, daddy’s spending time with me…” punchlines or Daylyt’s crazy schemes “To the Bat Mobile!”.