Rain – The Magic Hour 2 [Street Album]

We gave you the first project The Magic Hour so its only right we give you the follow up, The Magic Hour 2 with DJ Pain 1 and Rain behind the production for the whole project. You already know what to do hit the jump and download to this new crack. – ONSmash


01. Intro (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
02. Big Time (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
03. Still High (Prod. by Rain)
04. No Coming Back (Prod. by DJ Pain 1 & Rain)
05. Come On 5 (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
06. Rich Forever (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
07. Ring Size (Prod. by Rain)
08. Then I Met You (feat. Krilly Krillz) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1 & Rain)
09. Peaked Lapels (feat. Keep Pushin) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
10. Magic Moments (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
11. Once In A While (feat. Krilly Krillz) (Prod. by Rain)
12. Miracles (Prod. by Rain)
13. Forgive Or Forget (feat. Keep Pushin) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)