Million Dollar Smile: Kevin Hart Hits Home With A New Movie & Grounded Attitude

Joy and pain have been inconveniently intertwined well before Frankie Beverly & Maze decided to immortalize the saying. Quite frankly, life is about the lumps just as well as the lollipops. When your profession is making people bowl over with laughter look easier than breathing air, a hard knock life is probably the last suspected factor for inspiration. Kevin Harts road to uproarious reactions has come along with an embattled childhood as well as the more recent separation from his wife. However, a golden comedian is able to find the humor in every situation and thats why Kevin Harts the man he is today and the man in the entertainment world.

As he celebrates the release of his theatrical release of his stand-up performance in Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain, the hottest comedian in the biz discusses the triumph of his latest accomplishment, juggling award show appearances and staying afloat in the game.

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