Michael Vick Condemns New Dogfighting App for Phone

Once Michael Vick discovered that a dog fighting application had become available for purchase, he decided to team up with the Humane Society to condemn it. Built to run on Googles Android software, “Dog Wars” allows players to train, feed and fight virtual dogs.

Created by Kage Games, the company suggests that the game is only for those interested in fantasy games.

However, Vick believes that the images could have a negative effect on children.

“Ive come to learn the hard way [that] dogfighting is a dead-end street,” Vick said in a statement released by the Humane Society. “Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think its important to send the smart messages to kids, and not [to] glorify this form of animal cruelty, even [in] an Android app.”

Since being released from prison on a dogfighting conviction in 2009, Vick has traveled across the nation to warn teens about the consequences of engaging in animal cruelty. He won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year and could become the latest player to grace the cover of the Madden video game. –a.r.

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