Lost In The Sound Interviews Chiddy Bang

A few days ago, the dudes at Lost In The Sound ran an interview they did with our favorite rapper-emcee combo. They chatted about everything from the upcoming Peanut Butter And Swelly and Breakfast projects to Chiddys freestyle world record to the Taco Bell concert next Wednesday. The full interview is in text HERE. Below is the interview as well.

Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege: Yo yo yo whats up? How are you doing?

LitS: Good, how are you?

Chiddy: Good, good, just chilling in Orlando, Florida.
Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin: Wassup?

LitS: First off, Chiddy, congratulations on your new world record. Nine hours is an incredibly long time. What was going through your head while you were freestyling?

Chiddy: What was going through my head was like, “Man, I hope I have the endurance to be able to successfully rap for nine hours.” After the first hour, I was like man I could do this because I thought I had been rapping for maybe twenty minutes or so, but when I looked at the clock it had already been an hour, hour-fifteen. I was like, oh that went by kind of fast! Time pretty much flew by.

LitS: Why did you guys decide to do the freestyle in the first place?

Noah: I think it was actually our managers idea, right?

Chiddy: Yeah, it was our managers idea.

Noah: Our manager came up to Chiddy and was like, “Yo, youre gonna rap for nine hours. Its gonna happen.”

Chiddy: And I was just like, “Okay, I mean, I can rap, you know what Im saying?” I thought about it and was like its a big achievement, you know, and I was thinking to myself, like I could actually have a Guinness Record. This was something I felt that although it was long and extremely strenuous, I did it.

LitS: So will your new mixtape Peanut Butter and Swelly feature songs from the album or will it be a completely separate release?

Noah: Its intended to be a separate release but if there are any songs on there that just take off, well probably put them on the album too.

LitS: When can we expect that mixtape to drop?

Noah: May 27th.

LitS: After Chiddy finished the freestyle, you guys performed “Manners”. Why did you choose it to be the first single off of Breakfast?

Noah: Man, I think its the catchiest. I think its the one we have the biggest chance of knocking it out of the park with. When you work with a label, it has to be a give-and-take, you know. Your favorite songs may not be their favorite songs, but their favorite song is what theyre going to push the hardest.

Chiddy: Its a game getting them excited and so, like he said, you gotta give or take, so.

Noah: They light up when we play “Manners” and thats the one were gonna use.

LitS: Why did the name of the album change from The Swelly Life to Breakfast? Was that also a give-or-take thing?

Noah: No, that was totally us.

Chiddy: That was totally us, we were in the UK.

Noah: We needed a new idea to rally around, a new way to get inspired, and we started realizing that all these good things were happening to us… during breakfast. And then theres also a lot of double meanings.

Chiddy: And nobody can hate on breakfast.

Noah: Yeah, its pretty universal – everybody loves breakfast. Often overlooked, always delicious.

Chiddy: And then it just felt like the right title for our first album, you know what Im saying?

Noah: Also our crew is the Breakfast Music Family International – a record label, production company. So it kind of all came full circle.

LitS: Noah, youve used numerous samples in the past. Is this also true about Breakfast or are you doing more original production?

Noah: There is more original production, but still the majority of them are samples. I mean, thats what people have come to associate us with. Theres definitely still some samples in there.

LitS: Can you say what samples youve used or is that out of the question?

Noah: I cant really say about the album, but for the mixtape, we sampled our friends The Knocks, we sampled this band called Walk The Moon, we sampled Morrissey from The Smiths. (laughs) Dont tell him though, hell probably sue us.

LitS: Do you two listen to the same music? I hear you guys are both big Lil B fans.

Noah: We are! We are both fans of the Young Based God.

Chiddy: Based God.

Noah: We try and keep things positive like him. Our music… we definitely have our own styles of music that we listen to, but they definitely also overlap. Were both very big Dipset fans.

LitS: So who chooses what songs to sample? Chiddy, have you ever heard a song and then thought, “I need to rap over that”?

Chiddy: Yeah, all the time! For sure.

Noah: I think…

Chiddy: The Morrissey one.

Noah: Yeah, a lot of times Chiddy hears something and says “I need to rap on that.” Most of the time, I make more beats than we use and then he just uses the ones that are attractive to him.

LitS: What are you guys most excited about for the next few months?

Noah: We just really want the album out, really man. Thats been sitting over our heads for too long. We really just want to get it out and tours, obviously coming up, more musical collabs, more growing and learning and all kinds of good stuff. I guess the album is really it.

LitS: What are your plans after the album is released?

Chiddy: Tours to support it.

Noah: Support it. Were doing a lot of festivals this summer – were doing Bonnaroo, were doing ACL in July. Really, I think that after you put out your first album, thats the time when you kind of step back as an artist and examine where youre at. So theres going to be some of that and we just really need to… (laughs) I mean ourown album comes out. Well get back to you after we put it out.

LitS: What kind of shows do you guys prefer? You mentioned that youll be performing at Bonnaroo? Do you prefer the colleges, normal shows, festivals…?

Noah: Man, each of them have things that are awesome. Festivals are always a good time, you know, college shows are always fun. All of them are great, all of them for different reasons and we wouldnt want to stop for one specific kind.

LitS: Next week, youre doing a performance in Philly for Taco Bell. Whats your favorite thing about performing for a hometown crowd?

Noah: The energy.

Chiddy: Yeah, the energy. We havent had a Philly show in a minute, so you know, I wouldnt even have it any other way than coming back with Taco Bell. And a new mixtape in a sense. Itll be dope, its going to be real intimate. The last Philly show we did was sold out and I dont know, like 1300 people there. Thatll be super swagged out. Theyll all really want to be there, you know?

LitS: So, just wondering, whats your favorite meal from Taco Bell?

Noah: Favorite meal? Seven layer burrito cause its got a hell of a lot of rice and guacamole. Im pretty healthy when it comes to fast food, but I dont give a shit. Ever.

LitS: And finally, a question from a hometown fan. Do you prefer Pats or Genos?

Noah: Man, its crazy to me, like as a Philadelphian, I feel like its the same thing with New York. If youre from New York, you dont really see the Statue of Liberty that much. Philadelphian people dont really get that many cheesesteaks and when they do, they get them, they get them from the trucks. I dont say get rid of the trucks, but I actually live like two blocks from Pats and Genos. I see that craziness all that day.

LitS: Alright, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. Do you guys have anything to add?

Chiddy: Aw man, mixtape May 27th. Peanut Butter and Swelly.

Noah: AND Swell. Thanks very much, man!

Props to PhillyChiddy