Lil Wayne Teaches Meek Mill How To Skate [Webisode]

meek mill dc3 cover

In This Documentary, Dj Scoob Doo takes a journey across the world to find out what it takes to be a Triple OG. Find out how the combination of the Streets, Entertainment Industry, & Society play a major role in whether someone makes it out the streets or not. Find out how the bottom & top feels as Dj Scoob Doo uncovers the psychology of those trying to get out the streets, & those who have emerged from the streets and found success in the entertainment industry. Dvd appearances include different people & places that Dj Scoob Doo has established a relationship with over the past 15 years in both the music industry & streets. This is where the viewer at home gets the front seat uncensored view on what happens behind the scenes, and also the psychology it takes to maintain or advance one’s position. Dvd includes appearances by Meek Mill,
Lil Wayne,Birdman,Future,Drake,Jadakiss,RedmĀ­an, & much more.

This extended clip from the Triple OG DVD directed by Dj Scoob Doo starts in Miami,Fl. Dj Scoob Doo finds an opportunity to introduce Meek Mill to Lil Wayne while at Hit Factory Studios. This is the first time Meek Mill & Lil Wayne crossed paths & recorded music. Who would have ever thought, Lil Wayne would also teach Meek Mill skateboard rules. History in the making.