KOTD Presents: ZM vs Pariah [Rap Battle] *Co-Hosted By Kevin Pereira & Harley from EMT*

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ZM vs Pariah
A member of the world renowned Fresh Coast scene, Pariah is not always mentioned with his region’s heavyweights, but he is doing everything in his power to change that. With battles on camera as far back as four years ago, the San Francisco native has taken on some of the best from California, including well known battlers such as Tantrum and Reverse Live. Originally part of the now defunct Grindtime West Coast league, Pariah has made the transition into King of the Dot, being featured in both the Toronto and West Coast divisions. Known for his gravelly inflection, Pariah rounds out his battle skills with a commanding delivery and hard hitting punchlines used to decimate his opponents. Making another appearance in the KOTDWC ring, Pariah takes on East Coaster ZM in this release from Resurgence.
Yung ZM, known also as simply ZM, is another veteran of the battle circuit who has continued to make his name known after his “home” league, Grindtime, fell apart. Hailing from Philadelphia, ZM follows in the footsteps of many other great battlers that his city has produced. After getting his start 4 years ago, ZM has gone on to square off against some of the best in the game today, including Soul Khan, OShea and Syd Vicious. No stranger to the King of the Dot league, ZM has already performed on Canadian stages multiple times, including most recently against Big Mac. Making his first appearance in the KOTD West Coast division, ZM will have his hands will as he goes against heavy hitter Pariah in what was one of the best battles from the Resurgence event.

Battle brought to you in part by the Epsilon Project.