KOTD – WD2 – Rone vs Nils m/ Skils [Rap Battle]

Before this next release from World Domination 2 popped off, some fans had predicted it to be a mismatch. Who could blame them? Rone, the Grind Time veteran and Philadelphia native who had been killing the circuit for the past two years, was eager to make his KOTD debut and considered one of the best in the world. Nils M Skils, the Norwegian playing as the away team, was participating in his first ever solo battle in English, with only a pair of albeit highly impressive 2 on 2s to his name. No one could be faulted for imagining the outcome to be a little one sided. Except Nils hadn’t made the trip for a vacation. Firing off in one of the most impressive combinations of foreign debuts in KOTD history, Nils and Rone went back and forth for all three rounds in this heated affair that was without question the most difficult decision of the entire weekend. Will Rone assert his dominance, or does Nils have it in him to pull off the major upset?