KOTD – WD2 – Pat Stay vs Marvwon [Rap Battle]

Battle rap, some have said, is like a proxy for fist fights. A battle is all of the animosity, disrespect and hatred that fuels a punch in the face manifested instead in a vocal outburst. The tension that creates is one of the most appealing things behind the sport of battling, a tension that has rarely been as apparent as in the next release from World Domination 2, where Nova Scotia’s Pat Stay takes on Detroit’s MarvWon. The feud between these titans began during a KOTD battle between Marv and Loe Pesci. Incensed at a few lines Marv directed towards him, Pat interrupted the match challenging the Detroit native to throw hands. While the situation was diffused, it caused a rift between the two MCs that could only be settled one way. A verbal fist fight. Who will prevail in this battle of former friends with a score to settle?