KOTD – WD2 – Loe Pesci vs Ness Lee [Rap Battle]

Straight bars, no bullshit. The two MCs from World Domination 2’s next release are standarded bearer’s of this mantra. Played up punches with no substance need not apply here. These two are rapper’s in the purest sense. Atlanta’s Ness Lee has been a force in the world of battling for years, first on recorded battle tracks and now in the live arena. His performance quality is rarely matched as his pen is known for carving out metaphors and structures other writers could only dream of. Montreal’s Loe Pesci counters this style with a complex, structure heavy approach of his own, never taking the easy route on his way to creating meaningful imagery and razor sharp bars. Both of these two are regarded as the finest at their craft and in their style. Which will come out on top in this highly anticipated showdown?