KOTD – WD2 – Dizaster vs SMP [Full Rap Battle]

King of the Dot began with the mantra “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” a challenge to MCs to show confidence in their skills by putting up bread to battle. Three years into the league’s history this mentality still exists, proven by World Domination 2’s next release, Dizaster vs. SMP. A Fresh Coast legend, California’s Dizaster is one of the most respected and feared battle rappers in the world. Cornwalls’s SMP, on the other hand, is a relative unknown with only a handful of KOTD battles under his belt. Even so, the fearless Canadian was confident enough in his bars to put up a $1000 wager on this match, one that his American counterpart matched without hesitation. Can SMP shock the world and place himself on the map, or will Dizaster come to Canada and walk away with a stack for his troubles?