KOTD – Uno Lavoz vs F.L.O. [Rap Battle]

With his patented humorous style, comedian Uno Lavoz helped start the event off with a bang in his Vendetta appearance. Having been on a tear lately, Uno pulled off an upset against Florida veteran Jonny Storm and matched wits with one of Canadaʼs finest, Kid Twist. Settling into his niche lately, Lavoz has gone from battling several times a month to accepting fewer battles, albeit with opponents of a higher caliber. Beginning to add hard hitting bars to his consistent barrage of jokes, Lavoz brings his slurred swag out to California to battle of one of the Fresh Coastʼs finest, F.L.O.
Before Uno Lavoz ever stepped into the battling ring, California veteran F.L.O. was the one known for jokes and humor in battles. Often taking original and unique approaches in his performances, F.L.O. has brought the house down against opponents such as Dumbfoundead, Ness Lee and Anecdote. No stranger to King of the Dot, he has also appeared in Canada taking on Sketch Menace and Emotionz. Back from a brief hiatus from the West Coast, the wise cracking Bay Area resident returns to battle Uno Lavoz in what will surely be a test for both emcees.