KOTD Presents: Thesaurus vs The Deadman [Rap Battle]


One of the most promising new battlers to grace the scene, The Deadman may soon find himself moving out of his ‘novice’ status into a more fixed, higher ranking category. Representing the Fresh Coast, Deadman is certainly a product of his environment, as influences from various legends in his scene are evident in his style, which comprises of rapid fire punchlines mixed with hard hitting personals. This is not to say that The Deadman is unoriginal, rather, he has amalgamated various aspects of successful battlers into his own, unique persona, which has proven very efficient in breaking down his opponents in the ring. The L.A. native has already been in the ring with Caddy Ron, Cocky, and Lottazay, and has shown only improvement thus far. Now up against his biggest opponent to date, The Deadman will certainly have his hands full with veteran The Saurus.

One of the names that has become synonymous with battle rap, The Saurus is only of the most easily recognizable figures in the game today. A veteran of the sport, the Monterey Bay resident, now representing L.A as well, has been battling in some form or another for over 10 years, beginning with the freestyle era. After working his way through various freestyle competitions, including posting multiple wins in both Scribble Jam and the World Rap Championships, Saurus translated easily into the written era, and has headlined cards in King of the Dot, Grind Time, Don’t Flop, and many other leagues around the world. The self proclaimed ‘father of the entire scene’ has spawned a countless number of clones, in part due to his patented style of incorporating flips into his multisyllabic rhyme schemes, Saurus is back on King of the Dot cameras to give an up and comer a shot in this battle against The Deadman from KOTDFC’s Takeover event.