KOTD Presents: The Saurus vs Cruger [Rap Battle]

The state of California has produced many a battle rapper, one of the most
noteworthy being The Saurus. Hailing from Monterey Bay, the freestyle legend has a list of accomplishments almost as long as his battling resume. After gaining fame in a classic 2005 Scribble Jam run, The Saurus went on to win the famous freestyle contest twice, in addition to becoming back to back World Rap Champions with his partner Illmaculate. Adding to his trophy case, the California native journeyed to Canada, where he beat then KOTD champion Hollohan in an impromptu title match. Although no longer King of the Dot, The Saurus has traveled all over North America and the world to continue his battling streak, racking up an impressive list of high caliber battles with the likes of Dizaster, Iron Solomon, Real Deal, Illmaculate, Eurgh, Cortez, and Pat Stay. With intricate rhyme schemes and a penchant for freestyling, The Saurus faces British battler Cruger in what is sure to be a heated style clash.
Making his debut in the first ever Donʼt Flop battle, co-founder of the league
Cruger made it a point to not let the battling scene forget his name. Despite being heavily involved as part of the Donʼt Flop staff, Cruger has run through a long list of competitors in his days as a battler. Beginning with U.K. locals in his league, the British rapper has expanded his horizons, traveling overseas to both California and Canada to accept battles with talented rappers from other leagues. As a frequent guest of King of the Dot, Cruger has squared off against Jack Shitt and Charron in Canada, making himself a fan favorite in KOTD. As his notoriety in the battling scene has increased, the English emcee has gotten the attention of the veterans, such as U.K. rapper Enlish and Florida representative Madness. Known for his unique delivery and ability to pick his opponents apart with clever angles, Cruger has earned himself another battling legend in this match with The Saurus.
– Written by KBomb

Hosted By: Organik, Gully TK, Lush One and Plex Rock