KOTD Presents Skelly vs Daylyt [Rap Battle]

Back for his second Flatline event, Skelly has arguably made the most progress of any battle emcee in the past year. After facing Arcane a year ago at the first Flatline event, the Scarborough representative has been making moves that have granted him increasingly better opposition in PH and Passwurdz. Having honed his skills against some of King of the Dot’s elite including Bender and Osa, Skelly has continued to better himself in both material and delivery, making him one of the crowd favorites at events. With his street oriented bars and often hostile performance, Skelly will have to bring his A game in order to overtake Daylyt in this matchup.
Having made one of the most grandiose returns to the battle scene ever, Watts native Daylyt is showing no signs of slowing in his newfound enthusiasm for battling. In the past year alone, Daylyt has taken on the likes of Philly Swain, Spee Dolla, and Rich Dolarz, continuing to build his reputation and abilities. Utilizing one of the most unique personalities on the battle circuit, Daylyt is able to concoct bars that are simultaneously thought provoking, humorous, and often devastating to his opponents. Despite encountering issues crossing international borders in the past, Daylyt and the King of the Dot staff took every precaution in order to ensure that this next match from Flatline 2 was able to happen.