KOTD Presents: Rone vs Real Deal [Rap Battle]


Rone vs Real Deal

Having attended every World Domination in the past, this year’s event once again welcomed the familiar face of Philly’s best active battle rapper: Rone. The Great White Hype has yet to reach his pinnacle, despite having amassed a resume in battling that includes names such as 360, Fresco, and Okwerdz, just to name a few. Balancing his battling with a successful music career, Rone has proven he is just as dope at writing songs as he is a verse for an opponent. A quick witted battler, his sharp tongue combined with an ever improving flow allows Rone to break down his opponents in the most efficient way possible, often giving him an edge in battles. Back in Toronto after posting a W over Dirtbag Dan just a week before, Rone takes on Real Deal in the clash of Pennsylvania. Representing Pittsburgh in this intra-state showdown, Real Deal is also no stranger to battling in Toronto. One of the few emcee’s to transition into the URL stage and back, Real Deal is easily one of the most feared battlers on his generation. With battlers against The Saurus, B-Magic, and Cortez, RD has sharpened his sword over a long career, and still improves with every showing. Able to pick apart his opponents effortlessly, Real Deal utilizes both hard hitting bars and humor to make up his devastating style. Appearing in his second World Domination, Real Deal returns to Toronto to take on Rone in what was definitely one of the most memorable and insane battles of the event.