KOTD Presents: Real Deal vs Tony D [Rap Battle]


Coming seemingly out of nowhere and catching the battle world off guard, Tony D has more or less redefined the phrase “meteoric rise to stardom”. The London emcee has been in the battle circuit for approximately a year but has already solidified his spot with the top tiers. With over 12 battles in that time, Tony worked his way to the top of Don’t Flop with ease and snatched the title from O’Shea in what was a classic title match. After defending it against Deffinition, Tony D remains the Don’t Flop champion, preparing to guard it yet against Shotty Horroh in the future. With a resume that includes other heavy hitters such as Illmaculate and Arkaic, Tony most recently battled at the Don’t Flop Checkpoint event against URL representative Charlie Clips. Known for his rapid fire delivery packed with an unrelenting punch after punch style, Tony D has earned his reputation as a threat. Making his first overseas trip to take part in King of the Dot’s Vengeance 2 event, Tony squares off against character assassin Real Deal in what promises to be a classic match up.
Having laid low for the recent months, much to the dismay of his fans, Real Deal has certainly become more selective of his opponents, but retains top tier status by always bringing his best. After coming up in the Grind Time era, the Pittsburgh emcee tore his way through top tier competition from the get go, claiming W’s over veterans such as Fresco and Cortez. Moving on in his career, the self proclaimed Working Man’s Emcee faced off agains the likes of TheSaurus, Loe Pesci, and most recently B-Magic in what was his debut on the URL stage. No stranger to King of the Dot, Real Deal also participated in the 2011 2 vs. 2 Grand Prix with teammate Fresco in which they put on a classic performance in each round. Known for his vicious, attacking style, Real Deal always lays into his opponent with personals and hard hitting punchlines. Back in KOTD for the Vengeance 2 event, Real Deal steps into the ring with UK heavyweight Tony D for one of the headlining battles of the event.