KOTD Presents: PoRich vs Sonny Bamboo [Rap Battle]

Coming off of an impressive showing at World Domination 3, Sonny Bamboo is stepping back into the ring. Showing he can hang with some of the best in his Osa battle, the Atlanta emcee is beginning to battle more often as shown by his involvement with Flatline 2. At one time part of Grindtime, Sonny is known by many as the host of the Midwest division, bringing some of today’s best battlers into the scene. However, the Leprechaun Don is also a very talented battler and artist, having released his most previous album roughly a year ago. Ready to step up his battling game, Sonny Bamboo now takes on the former King of the Dot champion, PoRich, in this next release from Flatline 2.
One of the most familiar faces in King of the Dot today, PoRich is one of the most active battlers in all of Canada. First seen in JumpOff’s WRC competition, the Whitby representative paired with Kid Twist to put Canadian battling on the map in that era. Having now transitioned into the written scene, Po has battled more often than most and has taken on some of the heavy hitters in the game, such as Soul Khan, Dizaster, and Loe Pesci. Coming off of the loss of his reign as KOTD Champion, Rich has not slowed his grind, having taken on both Uno Lavoz and now Sonny Bamboo since World Domination 3