KOTD Presents: Pat Stay vs Arcane [Rap Battle Title Match]


Arcane. A name that has become synonymous with the league in which he built his empire, King of the Dot. One of the truest rags to riches stories in the battling world, the 905 representative started from nothing, entering the league as a no-name. After just a single battle, Cane went on to secure a spot in the first 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix held by KOTD, still on nobodies radar. Going on to produce a run that would turn heads across the world, Arcane took down Knamelis, Charron, and eventually Loe Pesci to claim his spot as champion of the tournament and a shot at the then King of the Dot Title holder, The Saurus. After a hotly contested battle, Arcane emerged victorious and brought the KOTD chain back to Canadian soil by defeating The Saurus. After a spree of other battles, the Steel City native went on enter the second 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix two years later, with a large target on his back. Despite every competitor in the tournament gunning for him, Arcane ran through each of his opponents, including names such as 100 Bulletz, Luciano Crakk and Chedda Cheese. Despite the controversy surrounding his championship run, Arcane has proven that he has the stamina, talent and clout to be a threat to any and every battler in the game today. With a style heavily focused on wordplay and clever schemes, Arcane’s signature move, if you will, entails utilizing whatever style his opponent is known for to break them down. After reclaiming his status as King of the Dot champion from Dizaster, Arcane will face what is agreed to by many as his biggest battle to date against heavyweight challenger Pat Stay.
Pat Stay. The champion of the Dark Side. The Scotian character assassin is known in battle rap circles as the one of the deadliest emcees to ever step foot in the ring. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Pat has a history as storied as any other veteran of the game. First seen on camera in The Element’s League, he garnered attention as a hostile, aggressive battler known for not pulling any punches, intimidating not only in size but in skill as well. Having secured a spot among Canada’s elite, Pat was then invited to take part in a new, up and coming battle league known as King of the Dot. Initially uninterested, Pat agreed to step in to take on his first KOTD opponent, Bartone. After what is now known as one of his greatest performances, Pat had re-established himself as one of the hottest commodities in the game, and has since rolled through a variety of opponents, gaining untold amounts of infamy and followers along the way. With a resume that includes names such as Arsonal, The Saurus, Math Hoffa, and Head Ice, Pat is a magnet for competition, often being requested by some of the best battlers in the world. Having patented his style of devastating personals mixed with an unerring and punchline packed flow, the East Coast Giant has yet to reach his peak, but improves every time he steps in the ring. Finally taking his long awaited shot at the King of the Dot title, something that his fans have been demanding he do for some time now, Pat Stay will square off against Arcane in what will surely be one of the most heated and entertaining title matches yet.