KOTD Presents: Ness Lee vs Shotty Horroh [Rap Battle *Hosted By Drake*]


Arguably the best new-comer of the past year, Shotty Horroh has been traveling the globe making sure that his name is known. The silver lining of his failed Lab Battles venture was a popular battle with Dizaster which first put Shotty’s name into people’s heads. In the past 8 months, Shotty has been on an unparalleled warpath, building on his momentum. After a stellar performance in King of the Dot against World Domination 3 opponent Fingaz, Shotty returned home to England to take part in his biggest match up to date against Arsonal. So impressed with Shotty’s performance was Arsonal that he invited the Brit to come overseas an battle in his UW league, where his match against Daylyt was hailed as a classic. With a resume that includes other top tier names such as Pat Stay and an upcoming battle with Math Hoffa, Shotty has appeared to have achieved top tier status and shows no signs of giving up his spot at the top.
One of the few true veterans of the battle game that still poses a legitimate threat to anybody foolish enough to step up against him, Ness Lee may be less interested in battling now than he was before, but he still has the wherewithal to show the new generation a thing or two. Representing the ATL, Ness has used his career as a personal crusade to disprove those that believe the South is incapable of actual lyricism. One of the most complex lyricists in the game, Ness is able to weave schemes with such intricate detail that people often have trouble following his verses on this first viewing. On a recent upswing, Ness battled fellow legend The Saurus in what was one of the best battles of 2012. Other names on Ness’ hit list include Marv Won, Real Deal, Loe Pesci and Illmaculate. One of the most seasoned battlers in the circuit today, Ness steps up against heavy hitting newcomer Shotty Horroh, looking to knock him down a few pegs.