KOTD Presents: Loe Pesci vs. Sketch Menace [Rap Battle]


Loe Pesci vs. Sketch Menace
Having taken a brief step back from battling in order to continue managing his KOTD West division, Calgary president Sketch Menace is back in the ring. As one of the former King of the Dot champions, Sketch has proven that he is one of the best that Canada has to offer, having squared off against some of the best from North America to secure his position. Over the course of his career, the Calgary native has been in the ring with PH, Dirtbag Dan, Anecdote, and Bender, the latter of whom the title chain was claimed from. After making a run in the 2 vs. 2 2011 Grand Prix with teammate Nebula, Sketch Menace kept himself busy running his division, hosting various events and taking the occasional battle. Utilizing a style that combines a confident performance with direct and heavy handed punchlines, Sketch is not an emcee to be taken lightly in the battle circuit. Now taking on Loe Pesci, Sketch will have his hands full as he faces one of his toughest opponents yet.
One of the best battlers that Canada has to offer, Loe Pesci has succeeded in making himself one of the most polarizing emcees in the league. With his signature practiced ambivalence, Pesci has earned himself a unique reputation built on his often faulty memory and vicious battling persona. Not always as prepared as he maybe should be, when the Montreal resident brings his A game, there are very few, if any, battlers in the world who can hang with him. Known for never pulling punches, Loe often goes for the neck with reckless abandon, mixing a brash delivery with a deadly pen game. With classic battles against fellow veterans Bender, Marv Won and Ness Lee, Pesci was also the first Canadian battler to be invited to battle in New York City, beating a young DNA in his hometown. Also a former KOTD president, the manager of the Montreal division faces off against the Calgary division leader in this clash of top tier Canadians.