KOTD Presents: John John Da Don vs Caustic [Rap Battle]

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Simultaneously making his West Coast and King of the Dot debut, John John da Don made the trip from the East for the showdown against Caustic in this headlining battle from KOTDWC’s Resurgence event. One of the rising stars of the past year, the Atlanta based emcee relocated to New York in order to make the transition from Grindtime ATL to the URL stage, one of the few emcee’s ever to do so. Now commanding a high level of competition, John John’s last battle was a mainstage appearance against Hitman Holla in what was one of the best showings from each battler. Having stepped his battling game up, John John da Don is known for his vicious performance, attacking his opponents with aggressively with a nonstop barrage of bars and personal punches. Jumping in the ring with Caustic, which emcee will take down the other and prove themselves victorious?
Proving himself as one of the West Coast’s giants as of late, Caustic may not have been a heavyweight during the early days of the written battle scene, but he is more than a problem now. One of the most dangerous battlers to face off against, the Union City native has a reputation for completely obliterating his opponents. Often utilizing devastating personal information, Caustic crafts his rounds such that the flow and delivery of his material is not sacrificed in order to ruin his opponents in the ring. Beginning to gain some international exposure, Caustic has made moves in both Canada and the UK previously, gaining fans in both countries. With a resume that includes Rone, 24/7, and Jonny Storm, Caustic is a seasoned veteran ready to spar with URL representative John John da Don.

Battle brought to you in part by the Epsilon Project.