KOTD Presents: DNA vs The Saurus [Rap Battle]

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As the self described “father of the entire scene”, batt le rap legend The Saurus is not too far off base with that claim. One of the few who maintain a battle career that has spanned nearly a decade, Saurus is described as a legend for good reason. Based in the West Coast, The Saurus was originally noteworthy for his freestyle abilities, years ahead of his time in that regard. After winning Scribble Jam twice based off of his skill in this area, the Monterey, CA resident went on to partner with Portland battler Illmaculate for the Jumpoff World Rap Championship competition. Winning it back to back years, The Saurus, along with teammate Illmac, solidified his position in battle rap history as arguably the best freestyler in the world. Transitioning to the written era, his reputation earned him battles with some of the best in the world, and he has shown as much skill in this era as the previous. Extremely in demand, he has traveled all over the world to battle top competition such as Pat Stay, Matter, Cortez, and Cruger, to name only a few. A fan favorite in King of the Dot, The Saurus has appeared in the Canadian league many times, and is now back to take on one of his toughest opponents yet in DNA, at Vengeance 2.
DNA is proof that age does not necessarily reflect skill level. One of the youngest battlers in the game today, the New York City battle rapper has already reached a level that many battlers spend their whole career attempting to reach. Getting his start in the East Coast division of Grind Time, DNA started out battling tough opponents such as Rone and Loe Pesci. Having experienced tremendous growth over the years, the rising star has seen an increase in both his fanbase and his demand; with leagues all over the world requesting him for battles. Having recently returned from Don’t Flop and with plans to travel to Australia to battle, DNA has marketed himself brilliantly and is now one of the most in demand battlers in the world. Most frequently seen on the URL stage, DNA is certainly the youngest battler to headline on a URL card. Apart from his URL battles, DNA is also a regular in King of the Dot, with classic performances against Dizaster and Eurgh. Mixing hard hitting bars with a venomous delivery, DNA is also one of the best freestylers battling today. Taking on The Saurus in what is one of the most requested matches of all time, DNA is returning to KOTD for the third time to feature in this main event battle from Vengeance 2.