KOTD Presents: DNA vs Eurgh [Rap Battle]

Since the dawn of the new era of battling, few rappers have shown as much passion and work-ethic as DNA. Getting his start with Grind Time as one of the youngest battlers in the league, he quickly proved that age was not a factor as he moved up in the ranks. After facing opponents such as Rone, Loe Pesci and P-Nut, DNA moved onto the Ultimate Rap League and debuted against Oun P. Since then, DNA has faced top-tier opponents such as T-Rex, Tsu-Surf, Young Ill, X-Factor, Big T, Tech 9, as well as the highly publicized match against Dizaster at KOTD: Flatline. With his sharp wordplay, rapidfire delivery, and uncanny freestyle ability, DNA has shown that he is able to win over any crowd, even when the odds are seemingly against him. Eurgh will be DNA’s first overseas opponent, and his second battle for KOTD.
Ever since he entered the JumpOff WRC Qualifiers in 2007 at the age of 17, Eurgh has been a force to be reckoned with. At the time, known simply as Arkaic’s partner, Eurgh made his mark with his lyrical wit, and also for his infamous angry speech after discovering that he and his partner would not be going to the finals. Since then, however, Eurgh has become a forerunner in the British battle scene, starting Don’t Flop in 2008 with fellow rapper Cruger, a league that has earned British battlers local and international recognition. On top of his contributions as a battle league owner, Eurgh has remained an active battler, having faced top-tier international opponents such as Illmaculate, Kid Twist, PH and Thesaurus. Eurgh is best known for his precise rebuttals and creative wordplay, as well as direct and incisive angles. His battle vs DNA will be his 3rd for KOTD, and his 2nd on the Fresh Coast.
This is considered by many to be the battle of the event.

Hosted By: Organik, Gully TK, Lush One and Poison Pen