KOTD Presents: Dizaster vs poRICH (Title Match)

Dizaster vs poRICH (Title Match)

Hailing from Whitby, ON, PoRich remains one of only two champions to have successfully defended his title. After putting on a controversial yet impressive performance to strip the title from Sketch Menace, Rich put a stop to contender PH’s title run. Now in his third title match, PoRich faces what is surely his most dangerous opponent yet. Steadily improving his style, Rich has evolved over the past years from a quick witted freestyle battler in the WRC’s to a thundering, commanding presence blending intricate bars and humor seamlessly. Since entering King of the Dot, PoRich has been one of the most consistent and persistent battlers in the league, with over 16 battles in approximately 4 years. After defeating Illmaculate and TheSaurus in the 2 v. 2 Grand Prix championship, Rich claimed his title as King of the Dot, cementing his position as a force in the league.

A legend in the making, Dizaster is appearing in King of the Dot for his fourth time, (5th if you count Muscles Glasses from Epic Meal Time) and taking his first shot at the title. He has become a heavy presence in battling in the recent years, building his name by stepping in the ring constantly against new comers and veterans alike. With a resume boasting battles against The Saurus, Canibus, NoCanDo, Arsonal, and Illmaculate, Diz has commanded the respect of the battle world in both the freestyle and written formats. Recently improving his style, Diz brings an unrivaled energy and freestyle ability combined with vicious writtens and an aggressive performance to every battle. One of the most in demand battlers in the world, Dizaster has traveled to Australia, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Sweden to battle international emcees on their home turf. Returning to North America, Diz now steps up against PoRich, eager to claim the title and call himself the King of the Dot.