KOTD Presents: Dizaster vs Aye Verb [Rap Battle]


One of the best known battle rappers in the world, Dizaster has begun to battle more frequently, and against bigger names every time. Since last year alone, the Los Angeles emcee has taken on some of the best around, including battles against Arsonal, Cortez, and T-Rex on the URL stage. The former King of the Dot champion continues to bring his unique blend of freestyling and animated performance to every showing, and remains one of the most unpredictable rappers in the game. Seen more often than not lately on the King of the Dot stage, Diz headlined back to back KOTD events, World Domination and now Battle of the Bay 6. Facing one of his biggest challenges to date, Dizaster clashes with Aye Verb in this first release from BOTB6.
An expert character assassin, Aye Verb has proven time and time again why his name will go down in battling history as one of the absolute best to ever step in the ring. Besides simply putting on classic performances, Verb was a key player when it came to putting St. Louis on the map for battle rap, and has held it down for his city ever since. With battles against some of the best competition available, such as Hollow Da Don, T-Rex, Arsonal, and Math Hoffa, Aye Verb is not one to back down from a challenge. Utilizing one of the most versatile flows, alongside a deadly pen game and penchant for performing, Verb disposes of his challengers with an efficiency and precision rarely seen. Making his debut in King of the Dot, Aye Verb takes on Dizaster in what was one of the best matches from the Battle of the Bay 6.