KOTD Presents: Dizaster vs Arsonal Da Reble [Rap Battle] [Re-Match]


As one of the highest viewed battlers in the world, Arsonal knows a thing or two about marketability. Both a league owner and battler, the Newark, NJ representative has earned his status at the top over the course of a very long and lucrative career. Getting his start in leagues such as Fight Klub and the Lionz Den, Ars honed his craft via trial by fire, taking on RemyD, Hollow Da Don, and Tech 9 while still a neophyte. Since then, Arsonal has extended his reach beyond New York and Jersey, having been invited to foreign leagues such as Don’t Flop, O-Zone, and of course King of the Dot. Constantly on his grind, Ars has amassed a resume that includes battles against names such as Illmaculate, Aye Verb, and T-Rex, just to name a few. After a failed first attempt to dismantle Dizaster, Arsonal is back in Toronto to finish what he started over three years ago.
Arguably the most ubiquitous individual in battle rap today, Dizaster has not found himself in the upper tier of battlers by accident. With more than 60 battles on record, the Los Angeles native has worked tirelessly to achieve his position, stuck seemingly forever on an upward trend. First seen in California, Diz gained notoriety during the Grindtime era, in which he established himself as a threat after battles with fellow veterans such as The Saurus and Illmaculate. Moving forward, Dizaster went into overdrive, traveling across the globe and taking on almost anyone who was willing to step into the ring with him, securing matches in Sweden, England, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Norway. Despite never finishing his first bout with Arsonal, King of the Dot arranged to make sure that these two would be able to tend to their unfinished business in what was one of the best battles of World Domination 4.