KOTD Presents: Dirtbag Dan vs 100 Bulletz [Rap Battle]

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In 2011, very few people knew who 100 Bulletz was. All of that changed during the 2012 1 vs. 1 Grand Prix in which Bulletz made a deep run, impressing many by taking down veterans such as Charron and Kid Twist. Now, in 2013, Bulletz is extending his fan base, having battled overseas in Don’t Flop, done a Proving Grounds URL battle, and made his debut appearance in KOTDWC. Bulletz is one of the best new faces in the circuit today, refreshing crowds with his wordplay-centric style that is both complex and clever. Continuing his rise to the top, the Windsor native has put in an incredible amount of work in the past 18 months and is finally beginning to see the fruits of his labor.
One of the most well known faces in battle rap, Dirtbag Dan can claim to both one of the best bearded battlers and one of the most traveled. Having battled on camera in Sweden, Canada, Australia, Norway, England, and the Philippines, DBD has been in the game longer than most and has the resume to back up his skills. Representing San Jose, Dan has made himself synonymous with battle rap, having racked up countless battles against opponents such as Mac Lethal, Mad Child of Swollen Members, 360 and Ness Lee. Over the course of his lucrative career, Dan has earned a dedicated following of fans, and has worked just as hard to establish himself as an emcee as he has to develop his battling skills.