KOTD Presents: Caustic vs Q Shinobi [Rap Battle]

The next release from KOTD’s Flatline event pits one of Canada’s most fierce up and comers against a Fresh Coast veteran making his first appearance north of the border. Toronto’s Q sparked some bad blood with California’s Caustic after calling him out while competing on MuchMusic’s Rap City freestyle competition, a mention that Caustic didn’t take kindly to. Months later, the Cali MC known his direct style and near spotless battling record is finally coming to KOTD to settle the score. Q, one of the most consistent performers in Toronto with both freestyle ability and a sharp pen game, will have to put up or shut up in his big break against a hungry Caustic with something to prove. Which one of these two will rise to the occasion, and walk our of Toronto with their pride intact?
Hosted by Organik, Gully Tha Kid & Lush One