KOTD Presents: Cadalack Ron vs Tantrum [Co-Hosted By DJ King Tech & Sid Wilson]


Starting to be more active in the scene, Tantrum is a name known by many in the West Coast scene. After a monstrous showing against Dumbfoundead, which is one of the highest viewed battles of all time at 1.6 million, Tantrum went on to challenge other battlers in his region such as Reverse Live, D-Lor, even taking on out of towner Loe Pesci. Now beginning to accept battles more frequently, Union City’s Tantrum has also extended his reach in the battle rap circuit, appearing in a variety of leagues such as Don’t Flop, No Coast, and most regularly King of the Dot. Known for his aggressive style and hard hitting punchlines, Tantrum has shown time and time again that his is a force to be reckoned with.
Another West Coast veteran, Cadalack Ron may not have the most pristine reputation, but he certainly more than makes up for it in the battle ring. One of the most unique personalities in the game today, the Los Angeles native never shies away from a challenge and always beings an entertaining performance. With a storied resume featuring opponents such as Fresco, Real Deal and Caustic, Caddy Ron has more recently stepped up against newcomers The Deadman and Laugh’N’Stalk. Becoming more involved in the West Coast scene recently, Ron’s off the wall humor and creative material keep him ahead of the pack in terms of battling. Taking on West Coast colleague Tantrum, this next matchup from KOTD’s Notorious is sure to entertain.