KOTD Presents: Cadalack Ron vs Reverse Live [Co-Hosted By Doseone of Anticon]


One of the most prolific battlers of the region, the Fresh Coast’s Reverse Live has been putting in work longer than most of your favorite battlers. Getting his start in GrindTime, the Hollister, CA native burst onto the scene taking on some of the most popular battle rappers in the game today, including Dizaster, Eurgh, and Tantrum. Since then, Reverse has stayed on his grind, always down to accept a battle, but lately has begun a resurgence onto the scene, squaring off against newcomers in King of the Dot’s Fresh Coast division. Always good for a dope performance, Reverse Live has perfected his aggressive style, usually seen getting in the face of his opponents while rattling off one of his impressive schemes. Back on the KOTDFC camera, Reverse takes on Cadalack Ron in one of the battles from the wildly successful Alcatraz event.
Another veteran of the West Coast, Los Angeles’ own Cadalack Ron is one of the most recognizable figures in the game today, with his patented long hair and sunglasses. While not a person you might at first glance associate with battle rap, Caddy has shown time and time again that he can be one of the most deadly character assassins in the ring. With a resume that includes opponents such as Real Deal, Caustic and Dirtbag Dan, Ron has certainly put his fair share of work in. Seen most recently in King of the Dot, Cadalack Ron’s unique combination of stoner swag and debilitating punchlines has made him a crowd favorite, helping facilitate his resurgence in game as of late. Back for another KOTD battle against Fresh Coast colleague Reverse Live, this battle is the next up to be seen from the Alcatraz event.