KOTD Presents: Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas [Female Battle]


One of the hottest commodities in the now upward trending field of female battle rap, Bonnie Godiva has seen her stock skyrocket as of late. Seen most frequently on Queen of the Ring, the Yonkers rapper has positioned herself nicely to continue growing her popularity. Posting impressive showings against opponents such as Steamz, Looney Divine and Germ Free, Bonnie has been reaching out to various other leagues to promote herself. Finally arriving on King of the Dot’s radar for the Fresh Coast Takeover event, Bonnie showed out in her debut performance, warranting a spot on the legendary World Domination 4 card.
Likely the most well known active female battler, Young Gattas has proven time and time again that she is not only one of the best women doing it, but one of the best in general. One of the the only females to have battled a male opponent, Gattas’ track record shows that she doesn’t hesitate to take on any challenger. Managed by RapGrid founder Drect, Young Gattas came up in the GrindTime days, taking on opponents such as Tut, QB and Unorthodox Phrases. Distinguishing herself as a threat, Gattas has moved forward in her career by leaving body after body in her wake. Making her King of the Dot debut, Young Gattas takes on one of the other top rated femcees, Bonnie Godiva, in this epic clash from World Domination 4.