KOTD Presents: Arcane vs Skelly [Rap Battle]

Two of the most polished MCs north of the border face off in this next release from KOTD’s Flatline event. Hamilton’s Arcane has been hungry for all of 2011, consistently picking up steam and adding classic performances to his resume. Coming off a hotly contested World Domination 2 battle against PH, the former KOTD Champ is looking to rebound with a victoryin this long anticipated battle. Scarborough’s Skelly has been on a long hiatus from the battling scene, biding his time and waiting for the perfect matchup to reemerge with. With both of these veterans coming with so much expensive heat, this couldn’t be judged at the venue. That job once again goes to the fans in this third chapter of the So You Think You Can Judge? competition. Who do you think came out on top in this brutal clash of bars?
This is a So You Think You Can Judge Battle.
Hosted by Organik, Gully Tha Kid & Lush One