KOTD – poRICH vs Uno Lavoz [Rap Battle]

Staying on top of his grind this year, Uno Lavoz wasted no time in setting up his next KOTD match after World Domination 3. Impressing many with his performance against Henry Bowers, the Philly battler showed that he is moving away from the comedic stigma, concentrating more heavily on hard hitting punches and more direct approaches to his opponents. Increasing his demand as of late, Lavoz has been working hard to make his stock rise, appearing on the legendary Vendetta card as well as making appearances overseas against renowned opponents such as Nils m/ Skils and Manaz Ill. Battling on the Grand Prix Semi Finals card, Uno Lavoz took on PoRich, fresh from his battle with Dizaster, in one of the most entertaining battles of the night.
Coming off of a controversial decision in his title match with Dizaster, PoRich may have taken an L at World Domination, but he surprised and impressed many people along the way. Clearly the underdog for the battle, Rich stepped up to the plate and delivered a performance that many thought was superior to his opponents, full of direct attacks, heavy punchlines, humor, and the typical aggression that he brings to the table. Assuredly disappointed with the result, PoRich did not wallow in the loss of his title, rather, he accepted a battle at the very next King of the Dot event, taking on Uno Lavoz. One of most active battlers in the circuit for a reason, Rich is back yet again, ready to prove that his new style is going to take him far in battling. On November 17th 2012 King Of The Dot Entertainment (KOTD) will be collaborating with Think Don’t Shoot (TDS) to provide food and hope to Touchstone Youth Centre in Toronto, Ontario.
As an effort to help improve and support their local community KOTD and TDS have selected Touchstone Youth Centre to receive non-perishable food, clothing and hopefully financial donations. Touchstone Youth Centre is a very well deserving 32 bed emergency shelter in Toronto for 16 to 24 year old homeless and at risk youth. They also provide employment programs, housing resources, and a drop in centre with an outreach worker to help support their youth. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding Touchstone Youth Centre will be forced to close their doors by the end of 2012. KOTD and TDS , with your help hope to put a stop to that closure.
Please help KOTD and TDS in their efforts to support Touchstone Youth Centre by bringing non-perishable food times, clothing to FLATLINE 2 at Tattoo Rock Parlor on November 17th 2012.