Kobe Bryant Accused of Assaulting a Man in Church

Kobe Bryant has allegedly been accused of assaulting a fellow churchgoer this past Sunday. According to the LA Times:

Bryant reportedly became concerned that a young man was taking his picture, police said. During a confrontation at the back of the church, Bryant may have grabbed the mans phone, police said.
The incident occurred at St. Therese of Carmel Church in the upscale neighborhood of Carmel Valley. Several parishioners on Tuesday told Fox 5 San Diego that Bryant and his family deserved privacy when in the church.

“Churches are not the place for photos — outside perhaps, but not in church,” one church member told the station.

“I dont think they should take photos of people in church. I mean, its a private place,” another member agreed.

Bryant, seeing no pictures on the mans phone, returned the phone to the man and, with several friends, left the church before the service was completed, police said. The man, as yet unidentified, later went to a hospital with what is described as a minor wrist sprain.

“Were attempting to interview all the [participants],” said a San Diego police spokesman.
Kobe may have jumped the gun a bit, but this is a prime example of the paranoia celebrities have to deal with.