Killaz Battle League Presents: Math Hoffa vs T-Rex (Rematch)

math rex

What started as just a simple idea proposed during a company meeting by Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes has now evolved into a full-blown battle league. Through various interviews conducted by Hughes as well as business meetings with Vlad, one of Battle Rap’s elite MCs, Math Hoffa, was brought on board and contributed greatly to the first ever Killaz Battle League event. Combine those two factors with VladTV’s colossal presence on the Internet, and you have the birth of Killaz, a fresh and powerful battle league to help the culture evolve as a whole.

The main battle for the first ever Killaz Battle League event was a highly anticipated rematch between Math Hoffa and T-Rex, and the actual battle lived up to the hype surrounding it in every way. It was a one round battle, but a classic regardless. Both Math and Rex came fully prepared with some serious bars and the energy from the crowd only made their lyrical rumble more entertaining. Both of their entourages were highly involved in their match, as Bonnie Godiva got in Rex’s face after he called her out, and K-Shine eagerly stepped up with his renown “Get that n*gga Rex!” shout and even challenged Math to battle after the event had concluded.

Both Math and Rex put on a great show, but at the end of the day it all comes down to bars and delivery. Who do you think was victorious?